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Rosie W

Rosie W

What a perfect princess! Fabulous toned body, and shapely legs; the gorgeous Rosie W is the epitome of the sexy blonde babe. Here on the Only Tease sites you can see some very exciting sets of delightful Rosie. She is sure to thrill you, with her starlet good looks and her love of stripping off. What an exciting combination – this is a lovely girl who will tantalise and tease you to distraction. High on the excitement list must be Rosie dressed in a policewoman’s uniform with stockings and thigh high boots. In her welcome video, Rosie reveals that this is her favourite of the outfits. Clearly Rosie is a lady with a wicked side to her nature – what a naughty girl!

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Height: 5ft 9

Star sign: Virgo

Bust: 32dd Waist: 25 Hips: 34'

Random fact: My most exciting place is in public.

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23.05.2020 | 5:19

25.04.2020 | 5:15

31.03.2020 | 5:37

27.02.2020 | 132

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